Fitness Column 15 - Measuring your progress

There’s so many ways to measure our progress when we’ve got an active lifestyle but so many of us just weigh ourselves on some scales at home and judge ourselves but the weight we’ve either gained of lost – but of which weight is it?

Have you lost weight but actually lost hydration, muscle mass and your body fat is still the same or actually higher?

Have you gained weight but it’s actually muscle mass that’s increased and in fact your body fat has gone down?

Most standard at home scales will just tell you weight. Here at the Suite I have Tanita scales, they are awesome! Not only to they tell you your weight, they also tell you how hydrated you are, how much of your weight comes from muscle mass, how much body fat percentage you hold, what level your visceral fat is and your BMR.

One of the services I provide is to measure my members stats as and when they are required, a unique service run by Tiger Fitness.


Scales are just one tool we can use, there are other more simple ways of judging our progress, such as;

Clothing – Is that dress or top a better fit than it was before?

Visual – Do you look more defined in certain areas?

Exercise – Can you now do more push ups than you could one month ago?

Feel – Now this I believe can be the most important way to track your progress. Yes we all want to look better but it’s how you feel that truly matters.


Are you more alert during the day, less prone to taking siestas when you have a chance, more engaged in conversation with family and friends or can you simply manage the stairs a lot better than before?

 All these equate to a more positive lifestyle. Becoming positive and remaining positive are the most powerful tools for motivation which leads to more progress.

Remember – You’re not in competition with anyone apart from yourself. Only you know if you’ve let yourself down, so come away from every workout positive knowing you’ve given 100%, there’s no better feeling.