Fitness Column 18 - New Year, New Me

Wow, 2018 has gone in a blink of an eye and now 2019 is here! What does this mean?

The start of a fresh new month in a fresh new year often means a fresh new you, right? Of course, there are the resolutions and it’s all for the greater good! We all make them and it’s to become more positive in our way of living.

If you’re on social media and follow any type of exercise pages, you’ll be hounded with the ‘January joiners’ memes. It’s here people feel the need to flood your homepages with posts about people joining the gym, only to quit a month later.

Two things; 1... They’re right and 2... Why?

Why are they right? Well, to cut a long story incredibly short, it’s because of your support and motivation. When you join a gym, you get greeted with a big smile and open arms and sold the dream of how amazing this facility is! Some facilities look pretty amazing, I’m not knocking that! But what you’re not followed up after that transaction goes through is how you are doing when you’re down there.

Not one is contacting you saying ‘where are you’ if you haven’t been down for a week, no ones checking in when you do actually go, yes you get a pleasant ‘Hello’ upon arrival but if you leave the gym in 15 minutes after taking a stroll on the treadmill, there is no one there to challenge why you’ve done a half-hearted session.

That’s why we’re different at Tiger Fitness. We work with you for you. Everyone who passes through that door gets immediate attention, the instructor knows your name and after a short period will know your goals and capabilities and you’re motivated to do well in your training. We do everything apart from actually get you here and that’s why we’re so strong as a small independent fitness facility.

Want to try it out for yourself? Get in touch today. Become more than just a number, become a Tiger. Limited numbers available at the bespoke Suite.