Fitness Column 19 - How is it going?

So, the new years resolution has been made, have you stuck it? If not, why?

Have you made an unrealistic resolution that you can’t stick to or have you given up already? Keep reading, this could be of help to you!

January has been in full swing, you’ve re-motivated yourself to do more exercise and eat better and you’re doing well – How do you keep yourself motivated?

S.M.A.R.T. goals are a great way to keep track of your progress and to keep setting the bar higher and at a good pace.


SMART is an acronym and this is what it means:

S – Specific – What is the next goal you’re setting for yourself?

M – Measurable – How are you going to measure your progress?

A – Achievable – Is this goal within your own scope?

R – Relevant – Are the goals set in accordance to your overall goal?

T – Time – When are you going to achieve this goal by?


I speak to many people who have changed their whole mindsets by using this Acronym, setting more realistic goals, having that mini fist pump moment when they hit their specific goal and then set new ones.

1 step to failure is saying to yourself, ‘I want to lose two stone’ and then joining a gym with no further plan of action. Sit down, discuss that 2 stone is the end result and work with someone who will help you get there and keep your mind motivated but in SMART steps.

If you’re doubting yourself, why? Do you not have the help and support you may require in your health and fitness goals? If this could be your issue, get in touch today and we can chat about you becoming a better version of yourself!

February is yours, take it, keep motivated, keep killing those goals! – Rich